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<b>Item:</b> For the fourth straight year, the Redskins decline to raise their ticket prices. <br><br> <b>Comment:</b> For the fourth straight year they also failed to make the playoffs. So they shouldn't be raising anything. And, besides, they still have one of the highest ticket prices in the NFL. They're not about to be applauded.

Item: LaVar Arrington's grievance hearing is reportedly still going forward, despite what Arrington said a few weeks ago.

Comment: Uh-oh. It was hard to believe that anyone could just forget about $6.5 million that they say the club owes them. Can't blame Arrington for that one. But here's the problem: he signed the contract. Maybe it was rushed, but he and his agent could have proceeded more slowly to make sure they didn't overlook anything. This problem won't go away and, though Arrington hasn't let it hurt him in the locker room or with his teammates, it's hard to imagine this won't fester.

Item: Joe Gibbs held a press conference in North Carolina Tuesday to promote the upcoming racing season for his team. That's NASCAR, not Redskins.

Comment: Let's see, he's a coach, a team president and he's still involved in racing. Anyone else see a problem here? Granted, he's not spending a lot of time on racing, but he's still devoting some and that's too much for a guy trying to turn around a franchise. He simply can't leave this in the hands of the front office and that's what he has to do, at least to some degree. And that's not a good thing. It's yet another reason why Washington needs a GM. Alas, the guy who disagrees is the one holding press conferences. For racing.

Item: Neither Antonio Pierce nor Fred Smoot has received a legit contract offer since the season ended.

Comment: We already know that Smoot likely will leave, much against his wishes. In the time he's been here, I've never seen him more down than he was in the last few weeks of the season, knowing his tenure here was about to end. But it's curious what's going on with Pierce and it makes us wonder: are they waiting to see if Mike Barrow can return? If they think he can, would they lower their offer to Pierce, or even let him walk? Or are they just taking their time and focusing on other things at the moment, like mapping out offseason strategies? Hard to say, but it bears watching. With this group, you never know.

Item: Randy Moss could be on the trading block this offseason. The Redskins need a big-play receiver.

Comment: When I covered Gary Williams at Ohio State many years ago, one thing he said stuck with me: ''I won't recruit an a--hole, unless he's 7-feet.'' In other words, unless his talent overrides his problems. Moss certainly qualifies in that regard. But here's the counter: Neither New England nor Philly needed a special receiver to advance to the Super Bowl. The Eagles have one all right in Terrell Owens, but he hasn't played in a couple months. What the Redskins need more than anything is a steady offensive line and a special quarterback. They have neither.

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