Redskin for life

Chris Samuels was battling the flu and looked, at first, like he'd rather be home lying in bed. Yet he felt pretty damn good today.

Clearly there are millions of reason why. But Samuels chose one reason to explain why he felt this good.

''I'm a Redskin for life,'' he said, walking away from the podium smiling.

That's what he wanted and that's why he was intent on working out a deal to stay in Washington, and ease the Redskins' salary cap numbers. Samuels signed a seven-year deal worth $47 million. The move should save the Redskins around $3.5 million under the cap

''I appreciated his leadership,'' Redskins coach Joe Gibbs said. ''To find a left tackle in this league is a big deal. I'm sure wherever Patrick and Mark and Tim are at they're giving a big thumbs up because now they're protected. . . . It's a great day for us.''

And for Samuels.

''The whole time I knew things would work out,'' he said. ''This is where I wanted to be. I'm a Redskin for life and I'm proud to be here.''

After an off year in 2003, Samuels rebounded with a solid season in '04. He did not return to the Pro Bowl, but he did return to being a player the Redskins could count on. His confidence improved under line coach Joe Bugel, who helped rid Samuels of some bad habits.

''I told Buges at the end of the season that, 'You were right on time,' '' Samuels said, ''and I hugged him. He helped restore my game. He believed in me and my confidence grew.''

''He's a cornerstone for our team,'' Bugel said. ''You can't play in the NFL without a great tackle. He's in the top five in the NFL.''

. . . The Redskins are expected to hold a press conference Thursday to announce the signing of center Casey Rabach. He's already agreed to terms.

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