No Complaints

Santana Moss heard about LaVeranues Coles' complaints. He's just not paying attention to them.

The Redskins newest receiver has focused on one number: 168. That's how many times the Redskins threw to Coles last season.

''He had opportunities,'' Moss said. ''I had 60-some attempted to me. So what's conservative?''

Plus, he's friends with running back Clinton Portis. He also knows the Redskins do want to throw downfield more with he and fellow speedy wideout David Patten.

Coles knew that, too, but his situation had deteriorated so much that it cemented his desire to leave.

Meanwhile, Moss wants to be here. And the last time he replaced Coles, it worked out well for him. Two years ago, after the Jets shipped Coles to Washington, Moss responded with 74 catches for 1,105 yards and 10 touchdowns.

This past season he caught 45 passes, averaging 18.6 yards. In the playoffs, he had eight catches for 131 yards and returned five punts for 83 yards, including one for a 75-yard score.

In the past two seasons, he caught a combined 53 fewer passes than Coles. But he had eight more touchdowns.

If he's not the fastest Redskin, he'll be in the top two along with returner Antonio Brown. Those two have raced twice; they've split. But it's not just Moss' speed.

''When he hits the ground with the ball he's extremely quick and elusive,'' Redskins coach Joe Gibbs said. ''He's a bonafide speed guy, which is important. We've got two speed guys [Patten] who are also good runners with the ball.''

Gibbs said he's comfortable with his receiving corps, but didn't rule out drafting a wideout. As of now, he plans on having Darnerien McCants return. And they're still shopping Rod Gardner.

But today their focus was on Moss, a guy some in the building wanted to draft in 2001. Instead, they drafted Gardner.

''They always had something for me,'' Moss said. ''Now they get an opportunity to see what they [have in me]. I want to come up here and be a big play guy.''

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