Team Whispers--Snyder and Times an Odd Couple

Danny Snyder and the Washington Times? Who would ever have pictured that wedding.

But Snyder gave his first interview in more than two years to a paper he once reviled. In fact, the reporter who interviewed Snyder, David Elfin -- also a Warpath contributor -- once was banished to the basement during home games. Why? Because Snyder didn't like the newspaper's coverage in his early years.

However, Snyder has mellowed some and Elfin, back on the beat fulltime and the new President of the Pro Football Writer's Association, did a nice job working him the last couple weeks to land this exclusive interview. He talked to him in Hawaii on a couple occasions before Snyder agreed to do this interview.

Give Snyder credit for this: he realizes that he's made mistakes. He still doesn't always understand the criticism he receives, but there's an easy way to fix that: win. You do that and it goes away, or is at least muted.

But there's another reason Snyder granted the interview: the Washington Post. That's now become the paper he hates. Funny because it was the paper he used to love, particularly when Mark Maske covered the beat. Maske had a good relationship with Snyder -- and was criticized by media around the country for his coziness with the owner. It wasn't just Maske: former editor George Solomon also enjoyed a cordial relationship and Post employees have told us that Snyder used to call him several times a day, leading to many of the stories about the Redskins pursuit of players, etc. Rare was the story that knocked the owner.

However, Maske is off the beat, replaced by Nunyo Demasio and Jason LaCanfora. Neither has, or will have, a cozy relationship with the owner. And the Redskins have been displeased with the coverage they've received in the Post and have let the writers, and editors, know it. Hence a big scoop for the other paper in town.

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