Perspective Check--Moss and Taylor

<B>COMMENTARY</B>: It's only April. Keep repeating that when you hear that Santana Moss and Sean Taylor both have so far skipped the voluntary workouts. Would it be better if they were there? Yes.

There's no doubt Moss would develop a better rapport with Patrick Ramsey if he attended these sessions. There's no doubt Taylor would continue the improvement he made throughout the season. It's only April.

I will admit: I'm more concerned about Taylor's absence than Moss'. Taylor has less reason to miss these workouts than Moss, who apparently believed he would receive a new contract once he was traded to Washington.

But Taylor already signed a deal, one that he's now upset with. Not that I'd give him a new one. I'd tell him he signed the deal, show up and be part of the team. But, as we now all know, it's only April. If he's working out in Florida, or wherever he's at, then at least he'll be in shape.

Clearly it's to his benefit to be here. The Redskins coaches believe if he matures, Taylor could be a major star. Even if he doesn't, he can be an above average player, one capable of reaching Pro Bowls. There's no way they can be happy about this.

But it's still only April.

As for Moss, he and Ramsey -- or even Mark Brunell -- need to get together and soon. They could be a fun combination to watch this season and the longer they have to wait to work together, the longer it will take for them to jell.

The good news on Moss: he's not a malcontent. ''He's a much better guy than Laveranues Coles,'' said one Jets source. ''He's not a bad guy. I just think it's a contract thing. He's not a jerk and he's not a disruptive influence.'' Remember this: for many years Darrell Green didn't spend much time working out at Redskin Park. He worked out elsewhere, perhaps harder than most players. But the strength coaches always hoped he would do more with them. I know it's better if every player worked out here, especially new ones and others who haven't exactly made smart decisions off the field. But I also know it's only April. It's time for baseball and the Nationals, not panic and the Redskins.

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