Arrington Angry

While expressing his love for the Redskins, LaVar Arrington ripped the team's coaches over their reaction to his knee injury.

The Redskins say they expect linebacker LaVar Arrington's knee to recover from surgery a week ago in time for training camp. Whether or not his other wounds heal is another matter.

On Wednesday, Arrington had more surgery on his knee, which kept him out of 14 games this past season. Arrington had more meniscus and cartilage removed.

Redskins spokesman Pat Wixted said a statement would be released soon from trainer Bubba Tyer, but added that the Redskins expected Arrington to be recovered in time for camp.

Still, a disgruntled Arrington talked with reporters on Monday. He told reporters that he was upset that he appeared to lack support within the organization, questioning what the Redskins agenda was with him. And he said the organization didn't seem to appreciate what he went through to get on the field at the end of last season.

Though coach Joe Gibbs was not available for comment earlier today -- a statement is expected to be issued by him later today -- he did express appreciation for Arrington when he returned in December.

But Arrington said he's not going to rush back this time, something he felt he did in December. He also wondered aloud why the Redskins kept having the league push back his grievance hearing. He claims the Redskins owe him $6.5 million in bonus money; the Redskins say they don't -- and at first appeared to be in position to win any hearing. Arrington had signed the contract.

He put that bitterness aside this past summer, trying to focus on just playing. This time, his frustration spilled out during his chat with reporters.

He also was upset that the Redskins didn't let anyone know about his surgery.
"I'm taking as much time as I need, and if that means they're upset and want to get rid of me, then so be it," Arrington said. "But I'm not coming back before my knee is better. I tried it their way, and it got me on crutches again. Now I'm going to try it the way that Dr. Andrews and the rest of the medical staff want me to do, and that's the bottom line. People can be upset about and be uncomfortable with it, but I'm taking as much time as I need.

''I worked my [butt] off to get back on the field and for what? Three [late-season] games? There wasn't no playoffs on the line. There wasn't no Super Bowls, and I still worked my [butt] off to play in those three games. . . . It never ceases to amaze me the things that go on here, but I'm here and I still love the Redskins. That's the bottom line."

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