Arrington Now Quiet

LaVar Arrington left Redskins Park much quieter than he did Monday, when he ripped into the organization for a perceived lack of support.

But after a meeting with coach Joe Gibbs, trainer Bubba Tyer and, by speaker phone, Dr. James Andrews, Arrington hobbled out on crutches. He didn't stop to address the assembled media, instead talking as he got into the car, driven by his wife.

''I said what I said,'' Arrington said. ''You write it how you want it.''

He did not comment on how the meeting went or if Gibbs and he resolved their situation. On Monday, Arrington accused the Redskins of rushing him back during the season, a statement Gibbs strongly denies. Even during the season Arrington admitted he had to be held back because he pushed too hard at times.

''I'm taking as much time as I need,'' Arrington said Monday, ''and if that means they're upset and want to get rid of me, then so be it. But I'm not coming back before my knee is better. I tried it their way, and it got me on crutches again. Now I'm going to try it the way that Dr. Andrews and the rest of the medical staff want me to do, and that's the bottom line. People can be upset about and be uncomfortable with it, but I'm taking as much time as I need.

''I worked my [butt] off to get back on the field and for what? Three [late-season] games? There wasn't no playoffs on the line. There wasn't no Super Bowls, and I still worked my [butt] off to play in those three games. . . . It never ceases to amaze me the things that go on here, but I'm here and I still love the Redskins. That's the bottom line."

That's a lot more than he said Tuesday when he seemed to blame any fallout from his words on the media.

''You all got your quote from me,'' Arrington said. ''The truth is in front of you, evaluate it how you want to. . . . I'm just happy about finally getting my knee together and that's my main focus. . . You want to depict me as the bad guy. To the fans, I still love you.''

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