Whispers from the Park

<strong>Commentary:</strong> When it comes time for the Redskins to draft, it's difficult to know who will still be available. And where they rank on the Redskins' list.

But we know this: if it's up to defensive line coach Greg Blache, from what we hear he'll want end Erasmus James from Wisconsin. Blache has told friends in the past month that he really, really likes James.

The feeling is that he'd fit in well with Washington because of his versatility. What Blache likes most of all is that James can play both the run and the pass, something not all the ends can do in this draft.

It's debatable if James will be available when Washington picks. Or, if he is, that the Redskins will go that way. They need a corner and most experts feel that's what they'll select.

Another end/linebacker who hopes the Redskins select him is the University of Maryland's Shawne Merriman. He's tight with linebacker LaVar Arrington.

''I would love to stay home, but you never know,'' Merriman said. ''LaVar and I talk about [being on the field together] all the time. We'd love to play on the same team. It might be illegal for us to be on the same team at the same time. You talk about two people with size who can flat out run and move. LaVar is faster than me, but I have more weight. That's still a deadly combination.''

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