Trade Away for #9 Up in the Air (Updated)

The Redskins know what they're going to do with their first-round pick: keep it. They just don't know yet who they'll select.

The team announced today that they have no intention of trading the pick to Oakland, or anyone else for that matter. The Washington Post had reported that the Redskins were considering trading the pick to the Raiders in exchange for corner Philip Buchanon and a second-round pick. The Post attributed the talks to anonymous league sources.

''We have no intention of trading the ninth pick of the draft," said Vinny Cerrato, vice president of football operations. "Anything reported to the contrary is incorrect. . . . We are not trading that pick."

The Post and the Redskins have had a contentious relationship this offseason, with the team denying several stories in the newspaper this offseason.

The Redskins will hold a media roundtable Wednesday to further discuss the draft. Cerrato, coach Joe Gibbs and owner Dan Snyder will attend.

UPDATE (4/20): Cerrato stated last night that the Redskins are looking to trade back in the draft, using the #9 pick to gain more selections later in the draft. Apparently Cerrato was saying that the #9 would not be traded for a player such as Buchannon (who was traded to Houston last night). Of course, with the deal to pick up the #25 pick, the picture has changed somewhat since Cerrato's statement on Tuesday morning.

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