Redskins other QB option ?

One of the finalists for the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award as a senior, Stefan LeFors continued the school's tradition of producing standout quarterbacks, following Dave Ragone, Chris Redman, Jeff Brohm and Browning Nagle, all whom received national honors during their time at Louisville.

Stefan LeFors took over the starting quarterback job for a departed Ragone in 2003; responded with a career-high 3,145 yards and 17 touchdowns on 219 of 357 attempts (61.3 percent). Only Redman (3647 in 1999 and 4,042 in 1998) threw for more yards in a season for the Cardinals. He started every game as a senior, but shared some of that playing time with highly touted recruit Brian Brohm. LeFors completed 189-of-257 passes (73.5 percent, the best percentage in the nation) for 2,596 yards, 20 touchdowns and only three interceptions.

George Von Benko -- How was the off season for you and have kept yourself in good shape?
Stefan LeFors -- Everything is going good. I'm staying busy and looking forward to the draft and I spent some time with my family because I'm going to be busy down the stretch so I thought I would spend some time with them. I'm just working out and staying in shape and getting ready for the draft.

GVB-- How did you do at the combine in Indianapolis?
SF-- I think things went well for me. I did well on all my tests as far as my times and all that. As far as throwing the ball I did well. I was kind of nervous at first, but as I got more and more comfortable I think I did well.

GVB-- How did you fare at Louisville's Pro Day?
SF-- We had two pro days - the second one was because Robert McCune didn't do the first one so they had a second one for him. I did the first one - I didn't do any of the testing all I did was go outside and throw and again it went well. I did everything they asked me to do and I think I did what they wanted me to do.

GVB-- What do you feel your strengths are and what do you feel you have to work on?
SF-- Strengths are just knowing how to play the game and being able to throw on the run and to run around and have scrambling ability and being smart and knowing the situations around me. Things to work on - every part of my game. Footwork from drops to little throwing mechanics.

GVB-- Who has shown the most interest in you?
SF-- It's hard to get a handle on that. I heard from Miami, Seattle, Baltimore, New England, Washington, and Buffalo. Those teams have talked to me a lot, but you never know what's going to happen.

GVB-- Have you gotten a feel from your agent where you might fall in the draft?
SF-- That's too hard to tell. I've got an open mind and whatever happens - happens. I'm just looking forward to the draft and then showing people what I have.

GVB-- The knock on you has always been size, but that's something you've battled your whole football career isn't it?
SF-- It has always been an issue. People thought I was too small - that's something we have to worry about, but I've been getting through it all my life and all it takes is one team to like me and that's all I need. You can have all the physical stats - the height, the size and all that stuff, but it comes down to knowing how to play the game and just knowing how to put your team in the right situation to be success and I think I can do that.

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