Redskins Future Plans

<B>Commentary</B>: When the Redskins acquired another first-round draft pick from Denver on Tuesday, they made a statement about their future. It's possibly a grand one.

But before we get into that, I have to wonder: what's going on here? In the past two years the Redskins have traded a first-round pick, a second, a third, a fourth and corner Champ Bailey to Denver in exchange for Clinton Portis and a first-round pick. That does not appear to be equal value.

And then there's the conflicting statements released by the team Tuesday. One minute Vinny Cerrato is quoted as saying they won't trade the No. 9 pick. Then he says he was misquoted -- in the team's press release! That's something. Later Joe Gibbs says they would consider everything, the one quote that always makes sense when it comes to the draft. You should never rule anything out, otherwise you could later look foolish.

But there's a bigger picture here, too. First, the Redskins must be convinced that their 2006 draft pick won't be very high. And that means they're confident they'll be much better. Every team should feel that way, but if you think you're a year or two away, you don't trade away what could be a top-15 pick. This is a gamble, but if they improve, then the move will look much better.

And if reports about them picking Auburn quarterback Jason Campbell are correct, that likely would end Patrick Ramsey's tenure in Washington. But this wouldn't surprise me, nor should it surprise anyone who reads this site. A week ago or so we quoted a GM as saying the Redskins had no confidence in Ramsey. Drafting Campbell would prove that statement correct. However, the Redskins won't say the same thing. They maintain confidence in Ramsey. And Mark Brunell for that matter. Receiver Laveranues Coles, before he was traded, told some people privately that he still thought Brunell could play here. That if the offense had changed for Brunell as it did for Ramsey, they would have moved the ball just as well. I've also long wondered if part of Coles' desire to leave had anything to do with his thoughts on Ramsey. I have no idea, but it makes me wonder. If Coles is correct in his belief of Brunell, that reinforces would Gibbs has said all along.

The Redskins now are in position to help themselves at two spots. My suggestion: trade back a few spots, acquire a second-round pick, draft a corner such as Fabian Washington and then perhaps a tight end at 25 (Alex Smith, if Heath Miller is gone). That is, if they don't want Campbell.

If they stay at No. 9 and Antrel Rolle is gone, then take Pac-Man Jones. With Walt Harris and Garnell Wilds as the No. 2 and 3 corners, the Redskins need some help.

The funny thing is, the more intriguing pick is the 25th -- because of what it might represent.

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