Spring Break

Sean Taylor just needed a vacation. So says teammate Clinton Portis.

Portis saw Taylor recently and said his absence was less about his contract than about needing time away.

''A lot of his problems came from coming from a program where you're used to winning through a long NFL season,'' Portis said. ''You got money, go through all the bad pub he took, you need time away from football. I think Sean's in shape. He looked good. He's training. He's going to be in good shape. You've got to get away from football sometimes.

''You can't do football year-round and then be excited about it. No matter what you say, no matter what you do, you know and know that whatever happens today don't have any impact on what happens in the season. Last year, that's what happened to me. I came here in a trade, having to go through moving, always being around football. Then when it comes time for football season, you kind of lose your fire. It isn't as exciting as if you were away from it. I think Sean's going to come back high intensity, just wanting to have fun.''

Still, even Portis returned to Washington, cutting short his vacation time.

''I came here now because they asked me to come here and I'm trying to take on a leadership role,'' he said.''I'd much rather be in the Bahamas, Jamaica, somewhere like that.'' And he talks to receiver Santana Moss just about every day. Moss also is missing the voluntary workouts.

''I think he'll be here,'' Portis said. ''I think he wants to be here now. He calls me every day and asks what we did. I tell him we did the same thing here he's doing there, running and working out. I think they'll get the situation worked out.''

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