Draft Whispers from the Park

Will the Redskins trade up to pick Braylon Edwards? It looks like that's a possibility based on what's happening today.

According to an NFL source, the Redskins spent part of today interviewing the Michigan receiver (it's unknown where, but likely in Michigan, or possibly New York). Considering he'd be long gone before Washington selects at No. 9, that can only mean one thing: trading up.

It's uncertain what the Redskins would have to trade, and with whom they would deal. If they determine Edwards is their man, then they'd likely have to trade either with Cleveland at No. 3 or Miami at No. 2. And that would probably mean using their 25th pick as well.

When one Redskins defensive coach was asked what he wanted, he might have tipped off the draft strategy when he simply said, ''Points.'' Edwards certainly would provide a boost for an offense that lacked much firepower.

The Redskins also have said they'd ''absolutely'' consider trading up in the first round. They also said they knew what it would take to move up, which is why they might have traded with Denver on Tuesday, receiving the 25th overall pick.

Washington lacks a second and a third-round pick.

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