Defenders Dropping, Skins Focus Becoming Clear

A couple of defenders that the Redskins may have interest in are sliding down some teams' draft boards while the target of their #9 selection may be coming into focus.

Two big defensive names falling down boards? And who's moving up the Redskins' list? Here are some breaking stories.

Oklahoma defensive end Dan Cody has been taken off several teams draft boards. Sources have told us that a bout with depression four years ago has caused a lot of concern amongst general managers. While some view it as a phase of adolescence and feel it would be foolish to penalize Cody for something that took place a while ago, it is serious enough in nature that his stock is dropping.

Cody was a possible target for the Redskins if they decided to go for a defensive end in the first round.

Another defender falling down boards is Clemson corner Justin Miller. It is not Miller's recent arrest that has caused concern, rather some recent horrible interviews has given. One team we spoke with said Miller was not out the door five minutes before his name was removed from their board after a horrendous sit-down interview.

Miller is in a position that is truly one of need for the Redskins and it was likely that he would be there with the 25th pick if they wanted him.

There is also a belief that Auburn cornerback Carlos Rogers has jumped up Washington's draft board and could be their pick at number 9. This is the one thing that were have been hearing consistently out there in what has become a very wide-open set of options for the Washington. If the Skins do end up staying at #9, Rogers seems to be the likely choice.

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