Scouting on White, McCure, Newberry

A thumbnail look at the Redskins' second-day selections.

SCOUTING REPORT: Running back/H-back Manuel White, UCLA

The Good: He has good size (245 pounds) and can run. He is considered a solid worker, and good guy in the locker room. He can play H-back or running back, particularly in short-yardage situations. Was voted a team captain.

The Bad: Considered an inconsistent blocker and not known as a physical player. Speed was questioned by scouts. Battled injuries in college, including hamstring and scapula. Also hurt his knee at the Senior Bowl.

The Verdict: White is an interesting pick because of his versatility. His presence likely means the end for diminutive, but tough, running back Rock Cartwright. But there's no proof White can help at both positions. He barely played H-back in college, so it will be new for him. His impact likely will come first on special teams.

SCOUTING REPORT: Middle linebacker Robert McCune, Louisville

The Good: Has great body and is strong, having benched 470 pounds. Fast; was third in the state in the 100-meter race as a senior. Also a hard worker and, at 26, mature. Achieved rank of corporal in the Army. Entered college as a walk-on, yet quickly worked his way up. Was named Special Teams Player of the Year as a redshirt freshman.

The Bad: Not considered physical enough for the middle and some scouts peg him as an outside linebacker. Instincts have been questioned.

The Verdict: Another special teams pickup. His speed should help on this unit. Perhaps could push Clifton Smith off the roster.

SCOUTING REPORT: Outside linebacker Jared Newberry, Stanford

The Good: Very smart. Another hard worker who entered college as a walk-on. Played both fullback and linebacker as a redshirt freshman. Good in coverage and is athletic.

The Bad: Scouts say he needs to be more physical and would like him to get stronger. Not explosive. Went from 67 tackles as a junior to 45 as a senior.

The Verdict: Yet another possible special teamer, but his brains and speed make him a potential help down the road in nickel situations. Some scouts project him at strong safety. Longshot.

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