Rookie Camp Report

It doesn't matter to Gregg Williams if a player was drafted high. Or not at all. He's going to chastise them all the same. Just ask corner Carlos Rogers, who found that out today at the rookie minicamp.

After getting turned around on a pass route by receiver Jerel Myers, Rogers didn't sprint back into the play. Williams didn't like this, shouting out, ''That bull ---- jogging around don't cut it!''

Earlier in the 90-minute workout, Williams barked at the defensive line and linebackers during a drill, ''Line the f--- up! That's the third time I've said it!''

Clearly, the rookies have been introduced to Williams' coaching style.

''Anyone who winds up over there gets called a few names,'' Redskins coach Joe Gibbs said. ''I think I get called a few names by the defensive coaches. They're gonna get everyone at some point.''

But know this: Rogers was the last player off the field, having stayed there a few extra minutes with cornerbacks coach DeWayne Walker.

. . . Quarterback Jason Campbell throws a nice ball, a good tight spiral and is accurate. Compare that to fellow rookie Zack Mills out of Penn State. Mills' passes wobbled and often were off-target. He won't be around long. But in fairness to Mills, he injured his hamstring and couldn't do much.

That also meant Campbell had to make all the throws during drills because there was no other quarterback in camp.

. . . In attendance for a while: linebacker Marcus Washington and receiver Taylor Jacobs. Tight end Robert Royal showed up later. Washington told Gibbs that he feels much better after his surgery Tuesday.

. . . Gibbs on working with only rookies: ''The great thing about that group is they don't question anything and they're energetic. When the vets get here they're like, 'Why are we doing this?' It's relaxing as a coach. No one will mouth off to you. When the vets get here they start telling you what to do. . . They're excited. I could tell they were all nervous and I tried to put them at ease. But it's obvious anyone would be nervous going out and taking their shot.''

. . . Worst body in camp: running back Tyrone Hall from Norfolk State. At 5-foot-11, 240 pounds he's a bit, um, stocky. You don't see too many RBs with big guts hanging over their shorts. You did today. But he actually showed good footwork.

. . . Smallest body in camp: Roland Colbert from Howard. He's 5-foot-5 and 198 pounds. But he earned praise after one play from RB coach Earnest Byner.

. . . There were 61 players in camp, though one, H-back David Kashetta got hurt early in practice and had to head to the trainer's room. Also in camp: defensive lineman Nic Clemons and linebacker Devin Lemons.

. . . QB coach Bill Musgrave worked with Mills and Campbell on looking off defensive backs and throwing the other way. Campbell supposedly did that well in college; Patrick Ramsey needs to improve in this area.

. . . Something you now know about rookie Jared Newberry: his grandfather and two great-uncles played in the Negro Leagues. And his grandfather was friends with Hank Aaron. Pretty cool.

. . . Campbell threw some nice fades, once hitting former Maryland wideout Steve Suter one one, beating DB Cameron Essex. But for you Essex fans, don't worry: one play earlier he broke up a pass to Andrea Gause on the left sideline.

. . . Special teams coach Danny Smith displayed his energy, racing downfield with his cover guys. He wanted them down there fast; he didn't want them hopping.

''I don't want to see you hop!'' he shouted at linebacker Malcolm Postel. ''Keep your fet on the ground and move. As soon as you hop, he's gone!''

. . . Draft pick Robert McCune's cousin, receiver Tiger Jones, also was invited to camp.

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