Rookie Camp Report: Day 3

The Redskins got one more chance to watch their draft picks, undrafted free agent signees and a number of invited tryout players hoping to earn a contract.

Joe Bugel did not seem pleased with his group today. Can't say that I blame him.

To a man almost, they lacked balance. Two of them, Scott Paffrath and Chad Bandeira, got knocked to their fannies in a one-on-one drill with the defensive linemen. Not a good sign. And Paffrath, from Missouri, was among those signed as an undrafted free agent.

Buges chewed out Adrian Gonzalez from Louisiana Tech, getting on him about his pad level. And Buges got on Will Rabatin for holding.

''Get your left hand out of there! That's holding!'' he said.

He'll be glad when the veterans report.

. . . Coach Joe Gibbs declined to name any players who impressed him during the weekend. But he said he found a couple players he liked and might sign. Of course, that means they'll have to cut a few guys, too. The coaches likely will decide tonight or tomorrow which of the tryout players they might want to sign.

. . . Running back Nehemiah Broughton had a hamstring pull and couldn't participate much today. By the way, his nickname at The Citadel was Nemo-sapien because a teammate said his combination of power and speed was of a different species.

. . . I like Broughton's mindset. He says while others celebrated the fact that he was picked in the seventh round, he wanted none of it. His goal, he said, is to become an elite player in the NFL. Whether or not it happens, that's the mindset you have to have. It's why Brian Mitchell went from being a fifth-round pick to being an all-time Redskin.

. . . The one thing I wonder about with Jason Campbell: he has a hitch in his throw that could slow down his delivery. We'll see this summer if it's a problem.

. . . Pity the defensive linemen. While the offensive guys worked on pass routes, the linemen did a drill in which they'd chop their feet, roll to their left and then to their right, do an up-down and then sprint about 10 yards. Did a few of those.

. . . Linebacker Robert McCune was inconsistent in coverage. On one play, he jammed running back Clenton Crossley and knocked him to the ground. Another time, tight end Tom Ridley juked him inside and ran a post, easily getting free. Ridley had a couple nice grabs today.

. . . Running back Jonathan Combs stayed at Darrell Green's house during the weekend. He's a friend of the family.

. . . It was a gorgeous day today -- very sunny, though a bit on the chilly side. But I'll take it. Soon enough it'll be 90-degrees and humid. Then again, that means the season is also getting closer.

. . . Maryland's Steve Suter looked pretty good, but hard to imagine he'll get any kind of a look. The Redskins already have enough small return guys.

. . . It's easy to root for a guy like Maryland's Chris Kelley. Despite three ACL surgeries, and a position switch, Kelley maintains confidence in himself.

''I'll bet a lot of people counted me out two or three years ago,'' Kelley said. ''So me being out here is something I looked forward to. And when I make the team I'll prove a lot of people wrong. . . . It's been tough, having all these injuries. But that's behind me. Things happen for a reason and you can't do nothing about the past.''

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