Williams Remains Taylor Fan

While Joe Gibbs has expressed his concern about the absence of Sean Taylor from the team's offseason workouts, the second-year safety's immediate supervisor has a different take on it.

Safety Sean Taylor has missed the offseason workouts, causing a stir at Redskins Park. And, though Joe Gibbs is disappointed he hasn't attended the offseason workouts, Gregg Williams isn't bothered by his absence.

''I'm a Sean Taylor fan,'' Williams said. ''I love the kid. He is so much fun to coach and so much fun to have on our team. It'll work out.''

Williams said it won't put Taylor behind to miss these workouts.

''Not right now it doesn't,'' Williams said. ''I'll see when it comes to the first camp, we'll see how far he's behind. . . . But he picks things up so well and he's so competitive. He's such a joy to watch practice. There's not a down day that he shuts down on the practice field. He comes every day. He's the best athlete I've ever coached and he can do things there's no way I can think of taking credit for. He possesses things we can't coach and he's a special, special player.''

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