Rookie Week: New Signees Alston and Keasay

The Washington Redskins signed six players after this weekend's rookie minicamp; here's a look at two of them.

Jonathan Alston

One of six free agents signed by the Redskins after this weekend's minicamp, Jonathan Alston appears to have the size to gain a roster spot in the NFL. At times, he shows the ability to excel, but his problem is a lack of consistency.

School: South Carolina
Ht: 6-4
Wt: 302
40: 5.31
Year: 5Sr

Bio: Former defensive lineman who started the past two seasons.

Positives: Nice-sized lineman who displays explosion at times. Quick off the snap, jolts defenders at the point of attack and turns them off the line. Stays square, gets hands into opponents and a solid position blocker who walls defenders from the action. Keeps his feet moving throughout the play and quickly picks up stunts or twists.

Negatives: Lacks the dominant base, does not get much push from run blocks and has difficulty finishing. Does not play with great balance.

Analysis: Possessing growth potential, Alston has a shot at the next level if he could improve his blocking strength and balance. Flashes ability yet needs to take his game to another level and display more consistency.

Zak Keasay

An Ivy Leaguer, so you know that he will constantly be referred to as a heady type of ball player. The key to Keasay having a shot is contained in the end of the analysis section; if he can play special teams, he has a shot of sticking around

School: Princeton
Ht: 6-0
Wt: 233
40: 4.85
Year: 5Sr

Bio:All-Conference selection as a senior after leading the team in all tackling categories with 127/16/8. Also accounted for 2 interceptions and 4 pass defenses. Started as both a sophomore and junior when he originally led the team in tackles.

Positives: Explosive rundefending linebacker who plays an aggressive brand of football. Breaks down well, chases to get involved in the action and displays terrific quickness. Immediately diagnoses the action, yet disciplined and seemingly has a sixth sense as to what's happening on the field. Collapses well from the outside to defend the run, wraps up tackling and plays with a non-stop motor. Displays a good change of direction and the ability to pursue laterally.

Negatives: Undersized and gets caught up in the wash across the field. Must gather into tackles and slow shedding blocks.

Analysis: A high-revving defender with a good motor and head for the game, Keasay lacks the size to be a starter at the next level, yet should be a competent backup for a 34 defense and a player who potentially stands out on special teams.

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