June 1: Will They Stay or Will They Go?

No one was released today and nothing appears imminent. But at least three players are on the bubble for the Redskins. Here's a case why they should go -- or stay.

Chad Morton

Why he should go: He hasn't made near the impact many expected -- including his ex-coaches with the Jets. Morton gets hurt too often, rarely makes big returns, and can be easily supplanted by others. Ladell Betts and James Thrash would do better on kick returns, offering more consistency. Antonio Brown, Santana Moss and R.W. McQuarters, if signed, would be better on punt returns. Morton probably would have been better as a third-down back, but his size worked against him.

Why he should stay: Because there's little incentive to release him before training camp. If one of the other players gets hurt, an experienced return man is on the roster.

Mike Barrow

Why he should go: Because he's old and coming off a year-long injury. There's no guarantee he'll be available. Plus he's way too expensive to keep around as an insurance policy. Also, the Redskins have worked all offseason to stock up at linebacker, from the draft and in free agency. There's a reason; they can't count on Barrow playing any longer. And Washington's coaches prize linebackers capable of playing all three spots; Barrow is limited to one.

Why he should stay: Because when healthy he's a better middle linebacker than anyone else on the roster. His instincts are those of a middle linebacker, something Lemar Marshall or Warrick Holdman can't say. That makes a big difference, possibly the difference between a sustained drive or a stop. Of course, the healthy part is now a key issue. Check that; it's a major issue.

Rod Gardner

Why he should go: Because he wants out and the Redskins don't want him. Sounds like enough of a reason for me. Gardner has never improved upon his second season, which was a good one. That season, he made excellent catches in traffic and used his body like a rebounder's in basketball. A change of scenery would do him well.

Why he should stay: Because he only has one year remaining on his contract. Washington's savings would have been the same in March as they would be in June. Also, as with Morton, if the Redskins keep him around in camp and another team suffers an injury at receiver, they could make a trade. That way they'd get something for him.

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