Redskins Players Say No Rules Broken

The NFLPA is investigating whether or not the Redskins have violated the collective bargaining agreement with their OTA workouts. The players say: don't bother, nothing is being done illegally.

At least that's how they see it, but some aren't sure exactly what would constitute a rules violation. And, in truth, the rules on off-season workouts in the CBA handbook aren't clear when it comes to defining live contact. Which is at the heart of the matter.

The NFLPA is only looking into the matter because of video and commentary seen and heard on They're basing it, in part, on Larry Michael relaying a comment from Warrick Holdman about how tough the workouts were. There's also concern that the Redskins were doing one-on-one drills in which there was contact.

According to Appendix L, there can be no ''live'' contact. But they don't define what live means, because teams are allowed to do 11-on-11 drills, for instance. In these drills, there's often accidental contact if nothing else.

''There's a good understanding of how to conduct the practices,'' said Redskins guard Ray Brown, a team representative. ''There's nothing in violation. But if something needs to be addressed, there will be full disclosure.

''But I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary. There's enough guys here who would address that [if there were]. We're football players. We practice and do what the coaches ask. If the players think [something's wrong], they would speak up.''

Tackle Chris Samuels said they'll work with the defensive linemen on locking up, hand placement and technique. But, he added, ''we're not driving guys into the ground.''

''It's the same as last year,'' Samuels said of the workouts. ''We're working within the rules. I've heard guys say we're working hard, but that's a good thing. It gets us better prepared for the season.''

And tackle Jon Jansen said, ''I have to be careful with that because I am a team rep. We're doing what we feel is necessary to win this year. I don't think we've had any guys complain about preparing to win.''

But even within Redskins Park there's a degree of ambiguity regarding the rules.

''We're trying to get them ready,'' coach Joe Gibbs said. ''Hopefully it's within the rules. Someone may interpret something and have a different opinion of it. . . . But if ever there's a question in the past, we've asked [player rep] Renaldo [Wynn] and he'd say, 'I don't think we'd better do that.' ''

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