Taylor In the News Again

No one should be surprised. No one should even suggest mild surprise that police are looking for safety Sean Taylor in connection to an incident. It's still uncertain whether he was a witness or committed a crime. Heck, maybe he was the victim. All they've called him is a ''person of interest.''

But this all fits with Taylor and it's why the Redskins will cross their fingers for however long he's in Washington.

And now we know why it would have been better had he ventured to Ashburn to work out, like every other teammate is doing. Just like when he was arrested for DUI -- that same night, fellow safety Ryan Clark was at Redskins Park until 11 p.m. watching film.

One Redskin told me the other day that Taylor was a ''f------ moron'' for what he's been doing, and not doing, this offseason. They said that just about every player, save for the Miami guys, felt the same way toward him. If only you could have seen the look on this player's face when asked about Taylor; it said it all. And then some.

The players feel the team has a chance to improve and be a solid playoff contender. They feel they can build on continuity in the coaching staff, for a change. There's no reason they can't, but they need everyone to buy in, especially the so-called stars. Taylor could be one; or he could be a guy with lots of talent who makes some great plays, but isn't committed to making them all. So far, that's who Taylor is.

Now we hear the police want to question him about this incident. We'll make no rash judgments about his involvement until more facts are known. Then again, maybe we already have. But one thing after another happens to Taylor -- all self-inflicted wounds, too. If he's not skipping out on mandatory rookie symposium stuff he's changing agents with regularity or getting pulled over for DUI (though the charges later were dropped). And he doesn't return Joe Gibbs' calls -- ''he won't return any calls with a 703 area code'' one player said.

Taylor is immensely talented, no doubt about it. But he's highly immature, no doubt about that, too. Imagine if he hadn't been the ''most researched'' pick in NFL history, as the Redskins claimed. Of course, the other potential choice, Kellen Winslow, hasn't exactly panned out, either.

But whenever Taylor is invovled I go back to what one NFL source said before the 2004 scouting combine, that Taylor makes bad choices off the field as far as who he surrounds himself with.

The Redskins tried to insist last week that the Taylor story was being overblown and that every other player was in town. That's true and that's a terrific sign. But the Taylor story isn't overblown because of his obvious potential and because of his previous problems or happenings.

The Redskins need him to mature so he can become the player they hope -- and they can become the team they should be. But that's a mighty big If. And it grows by the day.

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