Gibbs: Team Thought it Was Within OTA Rules

In a press conference at Redskins Park today, Joe Gibbs talked about the team's loss of some Organized Team Activity days, a conversation with Sean Taylor, a scheduled scrimmage in Baltimore against the Ravens, and Rod Gardner.

The scrimmage will be on August 6 at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore. "We'll do it up at their stadium," said Gibbs. "We have a good day's work lined up for us."

Gibbs seemed to want to spike any ill feelings that the two teams may have lingering due to some various perceived slights in the past. "It works out good because they're our neighbors here and we'll have a good scrimmage."

The two teams will meet again in the same stadium on September 1 to finish up the preseason. They are not slated to play in the regular season until 2008.

Gibbs addressed the OTA violations, which will cost the team three practice sessions. "We felt like we were operating the way we should, but after reviewing it, they felt like our line drills were too physical. So, we'll be missing some work next week."

And this week as well. A scheduled OTA session for Friday will be cancelled along with two scheduled for next week. There will be a session on Thursday preceding the minicamp scheduled for Friday through Sunday. That will be all of the work scheduled until training camp for most of the veterans. A few recently-acquired vets will join the rookies for a week of indoctrination, consisting of mostly classroom work with a few individual drills.

Although Gibbs repeated said that he felt that the team was conducting its sessions properly, he refused to characterize the penalty as too harsh. "The important thing is that we want to have a good relationship with the players' union, we always want to be within the rules," Gibbs said. After we turned the film in, it was determined that ours was too physical. . We felt like we were doing what we should have been doing. . . If they (the union) think that we were doing something out of bounds. . .it's something we'll have to deal with."

Gibbs then revealed that, for the first time since January, he talked with Sean Taylor. The second-year safety who has drawn a ton of negative attention for refusing to return Gibbs' calls, being the only player to miss the OTA's and, last weekend, getting arresting on felony assault charges.

"I had a good talk with him," Gibbs said. "We had a personal conversation. . .He related what happened (in his legal matter from his side of it; we had a good talk."

Gibbs did not elaborate on his talk with Taylor despite numerous attempts to get him to do so. "It was a general conversation, a good conversation between me and him. . .I don't have a lot to add about what we said, it was a personal talk and I though we had a good talk."

In regards to Rod Gardner's status, Gibbs said that there was nothing new to report. The best he had to report in regards to a potential trade was that "One team has kind of hinted that they were maybe trying to do something." Not exactly a lot of rock-solid offers to sift through.

Gibbs said that he does not expect Gardner to be at minicamp and he does not expect him to be in training camp, "unless something changes between now and then."

He also said that R. W. McQuarters, the free agent cornerback who visited Redskins Park a couple of weeks ago, was still in the process of deciding which of a few offers to take. As to other potential roster changes between now and the start of camp, Gibbs said that he wouldn't rule that out, that the team would evaluate any player released by another team, but he didn't anticipate any additions.

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