Q&A: Clinton Portis

Joe Gibbs called his season one of the most productive in Redskins history. Not even Clinton Portis would agree with that, considering his production wasn't what he wanted. Nor was the win total. But he talked today about his reasons for optimism.

Q: How different is the offense?

A: It is different. It's much more exciting. All that movement we were doing last year had you going the wrong way and it had the players jumping offsides. It's simplified. It's a nicer scheme and everyone's looking forward to it.

Q: Do you feel you have something to prove?

A: Not really. We're better than 6-10. I take a lot of blame for that record. I've never had a season like that. But I was at 1,300 yards. There are players excited and talking about getting a new deal after 1,000 yards. If that's the worst season I have in my career, I'm fine with that.
Q: What was the biggest adjustment you had to make last year?

A: Pretty much just all the movement, the patience that it takes to run the offense we had last year, the patience involved in learning the system and not being spread out, being crowded, dodging one person and then having to dodge two more. It was just different, it was clustered. This year we'll be more spread out and a lot more open so we're going to have fun.

Q: What have you seen out of Patrick?

A: He's night and day from last year. He stepped in last year at a time when we needed a spark and he performed well. This year you look at Patrick and he looks like Peyton Manning. He's not a Peyton Manning, but there's a difference in him -- the leadership role, the accuracy, the patience he has. You could tell he's comfortable.

Q: Was it hard for you to be patient at times last year?

A: It was, knowing that you're one tackle away, you're one play away from having the big day. Frustration can kick in. The aggravation can kick in. It's being used to doing one thing and then turning into a grinder, three yards a carry, four yards a carry. It becomes different. This year it'll be much more exciting.

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