Redskins WR's: Something Old, Something New

The Redskins' wide receiver corps is undergoing a transformation. With Laveranues Coles gone and Rod Gardner on the way out, the team will feature some new wide receivers and some in more prominent roles than they played last year. A look at the unit from Saturday's minicamp practice.

David PattenHe looks too small to be on a football field, standing at 5-10 with skinny legs, but Patten stays employed with relentless attention to fundamentals. Patten looked every pass that was thrown his way today into his hands and even though the patterns being run were very simple he wanted to execute each one to perfection. With no seven on seven drills or full scrimmages, his greatest asset, his speed, was not really on display.

Kevin DysonWearing jersey number 1, Dyson very much looked the tall, possession receiver type. He caught everything thrown at him, even in the warm-up drills where the receivers run a few steps and turn to catch a pass that is in their guts almost immediately. It appears that Dyson knows that he will have to do everything right in order to gain a spot on this team.

Taylor JacobsDiligent is the best word to describe Jacobs on the field demeanor and attitude. He knows he has a chance at a starting job on the team and he wants to execute everything perfectly so as not to blow his chances. It may be hurting him just a little bit. On a couple of occasions he didn't go hard after uncatchable passes, perhaps not wanting to get too close to them and possibly get close enough to drop one. Not a big thing, but a subtle one that could make the difference in whether or not he gets his shot at starting.

James ThrashYes, he's only going to catch about 20 passes this year, but Thrash is still very much the leader of the pack. Every time he catches a ball, he turns upfield and sprints an additional 10-15 yards. Everyone should do it and most do some of the time, but only Thrash does it every time.

Darnerien McCantsHe has a reputation for not being much of a practice player, but there was no evidence of that today. His hustle wasn't Thrash-like or anything, but he was going hard after every pass and appeared focused and engaged.

(Santna Moss missed today's practice for undisclosed reasons. We will update here if we get more information.)

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