UPDATED: Minicamp Notes, Day 2

Minicamp Day 2: Williams praises Rogers, says Taylor "makes me a better coach", defense has fun in drills.

. . . Corner Carlos Rogers tried to practice with a sprained ankle, but the coaches told him to stop, after watching him struggle on it yesterday. Rogers initially hurt the ankle working out in Auburn when he stepped in a hole. He tweaked it again Friday.

''He showed the vets a lot practicing under physical duress,'' Redskins assistant head coach/defense Gregg Williams said. ''We made him not practice. I like the fact that I chose he didn't practice. Sometimes you get guys who say, 'Poor me.' He pushed himself.''

. . . The Redskins signed safety Tony Dixon, late of the Cowboys. He played four seasons with Dallas and has one career interception: off Washington's Patrick Ramsey in 2002.

. . . Fullback Rock Cartwright bruised his right knee, banging into the knee of another player. He should be OK.

. . . When last we spoke with Williams, he wasn't concerned about safety Sean Taylor. But that was before his latest mishap with the law.

''I'll say this: I wish he would have been here,'' Williams said, ''but I'm more concerned with the guys who have been here. And I'll still say this: I'm a Sean Taylor fan. There are a lot of things behind the scenes that you don't know that I do know. I'll just leave it at that.''

But not even Williams knows what Taylor's conditioning level will be, or what his understanding of any changes in the scheme will be. And he won't find that out until August. ''I'm a better coach when Sean is on the field,'' williams said. ''But it has to be in a manner that we want it to be, from a discipline standpoint and from a team standpoint. But he is the best athlete I've ever coached at any level and it's not even close. Ability alone doesn't make you a great player. He's a good teammate, too -- when he's here. He just needs to be here.''

. . . One guy who's impressed Williams: rookie middle linebacker Robert McCune.

''I'm shocked at how fast he's picked this up,'' Williams said. ''I'm really anxious to watch him play.''

. . . The day's best drill belonged to the defense. In the drill, five defensive players would lie on the ground in front of another player holding a dummy bag. The five on the ground would do something that looked like pushups and then try to punch the bag with both hands. A coach would signal them to bolt and they'd hop off the ground and sprint to the sideline to grab a cone. There weren't enough cones for all of them, so the two who didn't grab one had to do more pushups or up-downs. One time, defensive end Ron Warner didn't punch with both hands, using only one.

''We've got a cheater!'' Greg Blache said. Another time, Lemar Marshall raced to the cone, grabbed it, lost it only to watch Garnell Wilds pick it up. Marshall then had to do up-downs. It's all part of Gregg Williams' desire to drill into his players heads to run to the ball. In fact, when they gathered for a huddle after this drill, they shouted out, ''Run to the ball!''

. . . Receiver Santana Moss was not at practice today, but there's no word yet as to why. We'll let you know.

. . . Corner Carlos Rogers did not practice today, instead standing on the field in his jersey but without a helmet.

. . . Owner Dan Snyder attended this afternoon's workout.

. . . The receivers and quarterbacks mostly worked on fade passes and hitches. None of the quarterbacks throw a touch pass like Mark Brunell, for what that's worth. But that shouldn't be surprising. And no one puts more zip on the ball than Patrick Ramsey, another non-surprise.

. . . A new running backs drill: Earnest Byner had his unit hopping over two sets of pads, stacked on top of one another.

. . . The corners worked on planting and driving through the ball, which the coaches call finishing. That was a big emphasis at the rookie minicamp, if you'll recall.

. . . The media contingent thinned out today by about 15 or so. Like yesterday, we've had gorgeous weather: low 80s, no humidity and sunny. Doesn't get much better.

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