Whisper Room

The Redskins would like coach Steve Spurrier to be just a little more quiet when it comes to their plans. Otherwise, he keeps giving away their desires, weakening their position when it comes to trades. Just look at Chicago for the latest example.

Spurrier told three beat reporters last week that he'd be content with their quarterback situation if he landed Shane Matthews in a trade with Chicago. He also said he didn't need a high-profile quarterback.

The Bears heard that, knew no one else was on the Redskins' list and held firm in their original demand for possibly a fifth-round choice. Washington only wanted to trade a seventh-round pick.

That's why the Redskins flirtation with other quarterbacks is likely only a smoke screen. They likely can't afford quarterbacks such as Jeff Blake and Chris Chandler. Blake reportedly is leaning toward Buffalo, where he'll visit this week.

The Redskins still can land Matthews in a trade. But Spurrier's chattiness--which most certainly is appreciated by the media--might have delayed any deal.

Spurrier has talked about trading for Matthews since he came to Washington. But Joe Mendes, the Redskins vice president of football operations has one thing to say to Spurrier: Shhhhhh. . . .Will the Redskins lose another offensive lineman? Looks like Dave Szott will visit the Jets on Tuesday and already has drawn interest from the Giants.

Szott lives in New Jersey and wants to play close to home. He has told former teammates that he'd return to Washington. But the cash-strapped Redskins haven't made much of a move toward re-signing any of their key free agents.

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