Two-A-Days Start Today!

If you can't wait for Redskins training camp to start, you're in the right place. Here at, Two-A-Days start today!


From today through Sunday, July 31, the day before camp starts, we will be presenting two new articles on the Washington Redskins a day, one taking the field in the morning, the other in the evening. You'll get a double dose of news, in-depth analysis, insightful commentary and other fun and informative stuff every single day. Among the features you'll be finding here:

  • Man to Man: A look at the team going into camp unit by unit, position by position, man by man. Find analysis of every single player on the roster, the depth chart, and how it will all fit together.
  • Drill Down: Here we go deep—really deep—into issues and events involving the Redskins.
  • Camp Old School: A nostalgic look at events at training camps in the past. Sometimes it's a fond look, sometimes not so much.
  • Capology: How are the Redskins looking in terms of the salary cap this year and how will they look in years to come? You'll get the answers here, plus detailed breakdowns of the major rookie contracts.
  • Previews: We will preview training camp like nobody else can, letting you know what you should be looking for before it happens.

All of this is a prelude to our 2005 Redskins training camp coverage, which will be the best anywhere, period. We hope you'll join us to get your Redskins knowledge in shape for the 2005 season!

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