Jeff Blake Q&A

Jeff Blake departed Redskin Park saying he had a tough decison to make. And it comes down to this: does he go to Buffalo, where he'd likely be named the starter immediately? Or does he sign with the Redskins, where he'd be forced to compete for the job. Either way, Blake said he'd like to make a decision within a week. Here's a Q&A with the free agent quarterback following his visit:

Q: How did things go in your visit here?

A: Pretty good. Dinner was great; I had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Snyder and Coach Spurrier. I like a lot of things Coach Spurrier is trying to do. The offenese is wide open and it gives the quarterback the opportunity to throw the ball downfield and put points on the board. I was very excited about that. Now it just comes down to making a decision. I dont know if I'll visit any more teams.

Q: Is Houston in the running?

A: Yeah, but they just want a one-year contract and I don't have time for that.

Q: Do you have a feel for how this place stacks up with your other opportunities?

A: I haven't had time to sit back and assess it and talk about it. I've been traveling for the last 48 hours so now I'll have an opportunity to sit on the plane and think about the things I've seen the last two days, the things I've talked about and the things I want and the things my family needs in order to continue to be successful in this league. My main goal is to win the Super Bowl and I'll do whatever it takes to get to that point.

Q: This is a quarterback friendly offense, yet you know Bills offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride. How do you differentiate between the positives?

A: I don't know. It's a very tough decision to make. Like I said, I have to evaluate a lot of things. Of course, money will play a part, but that's something we haven't talked about with both teams yet.

Q: Where does Baltimore rate in all this?

A: I don't know. As far as I know, do they have a quarterback yet?

Q: Is there any lingering concern about the foot injury?

A: I've had two physicals the last two days by two orthopedic surgeons and I've passed both of them so there's no concern.

Q: What are you looking for?

A: Commitment. That's all I want. Let me do my thing.

Q: Do you get the feeling that you could get that here?

A: I know Coach Spurrier is not that way. He makes you earn your job. Come on, I've never been given anything in my whole life. I'm a sixth round draft pick from East Carolina. If you think I'm a first-round prima dona, you've got to be kidding. I've earned everything I've gotten. All I've asked for is an opportunity. I've never been given anything in my life. I've had to work hard to maintain my career. Coach Spurrier knows that.

Q: Did you get the feeling in Buffalo that they're saying you'd be their starting quarterback, whereas here there's more competition?

A: Basically, but who am I competing against?

Q: You're certainly not competing against anyone who's done anything in the NFL.

A: Thank you.

Q: When will all this play itself out?

A: Hopefully within the next few days. Hopefully if things go like they should, I may be back here by the end of next week.

Q: Do you feel like you're leaning one way?

A: I can't make any decision before I talk to my wife. I can't tell you that until I talk to her.

Q: Do you have a feeling you know where you'd like to go?

A: I'm a people person. Cities don't move me. Stadiums don't move me. Facilities don't move me. People in those places move me. And I have to feel that these are the people who will be with me through thick and thin. I don't want to feel like the first opportunity they have to stick it to me, they'll stick it to me. That's what happens in this business. The same thing happened to me in Cincinnati and their offense hasn't been the same since.

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