The Fans' View: Shooting From The Hip

Glad to be back among the ranks here at CPND. It's early in the year and the Redskins have already made a lot of changes, some good, some not so good. Nonetheless, the road to glory is a never ending task and those that are unwilling to make changes get left behind.

Well our burgundy-clad heroes are preparing for another season and once again there is a lot of new faces to get to know around Redskins Park. There's never a dull off-season here since Dan Snyder purchased the franchise.

The big changes were expensive; college football coaching icon Steve Spurrier signed on for $25 million over five years and for an additional $1million per year with incentives, Marvin Lewis, who masterminded that stifling Baltimore Ravens defense will join with Spurrier to head up the Washington Redskins battle command posts. A pricey yet very capable duo that I would think complement and strike a delicate balance to the Redskins game.

Spurrier adds much needed character to the Redskins sidelines almost reminiscent of the George Allen era and his offense should provide excitement. I've seen many explanations of how his system works but the simple beauty of it goes like this; he does what the other team doesn't do well and does it until they can stop it. If the defense can't stop the run, then Davis just might get 40 or more carries. If the defense can't cover the pass, then the air will be filled with footballs.

Lewis on the other hand seems to be a master at stopping what the offense hopes to do. He emphasizes his linebackers by letting them play in open space by occupying blockers with his defensive line play. Lewis has a pair of monster linebackers in Jesse Armstead and LaVar Arrington. Lewis will also benefit from the play of cornerbacks Champ Bailey and Fred Smoot. The trick question is, can the front office provide him with talent to fill all the holes around those players?

These two single additions could well be the best Dan Snyder has made since he was issued the keys and given the front parking space at Redskins Park.

After the aforementioned is where the problems begin to surface because the Redskins are around $2 million under the salary cap and have big needs. QB is the most expensive position to fill and the Redskins are bargain basement shopping to address that need.

Danny Wuerffel, Dameyune Craig and Sage Rosenfels are the current hopefuls. Jeff Blake or Shane Matthews remain as possibilities and there are rumors of drafting another. The big question is can Spurrier find a quarterback out of this blue-light special mix to run his offense?

At the same time, the Redskins have begun the task of resigning or restructuring players that they want to keep. Ki-Janta Carter would be a much-welcomed sight on the sidelines to relieve Stephen Davis and the Redskins are attempting to make that a reality. The Redskins have made the most important off-season move to get expert capologist Joe Mendes back in the Redskins front office, albeit too late to bail them out of cap woes that has brought on the departure of such veterans as Kennard Lang, Stephen Alexander, Shawn Barber, Dave Szott and Cory Raymer.

The end of summer days are still far away and there's much more to do before this team takes on its final configuration. I'm positive there will be plenty of changes between now and then and the magnificent staff of contributors here will uncover every action to the finest detail.

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