Whisper Room

Think a few coaches around the league want to beat Steve Spurrier? We hear that Dallas and San Francisco already are breaking down game film of Florida, trying to get a handle on what Spurrier might run. We also know one coach who wants a piece of Spurrier.

New Orleans' Jim Haslett isn't too thrilled with Spurrier. Remember, Spurrier took a poke at Haslett after resigning from Florida, saying he wouldn't put in a ton of hours. After all, he said, look how much good it did Haslett.

At the Super Bowl, Haslett bumped into Spurrier and, we're told, he angrily told Spurrier never to mention his name again.

. . . Running back Errict Rhett knew what Spurrier once thought of him. Rhett told his agent, Gene Matto, that Spurrier once told him he was the best player he'd ever coached.

Problem is, that was a long time ago. Now Rhett is looking for a job and Spurrier isn't sure if he's looking for a running back.

Rhett phoned his former coach a couple weeks ago, trying to see if he could get an invite to this week's mini-camp. Spurrier talked to Rhett, but that was the extent of it.

As of Monday afternoon, Spurrier had not called Rhett back.

Rhett last played for Cleveland during the 1990 season, but an injury caused him to miss most of the year. The Browns cut him during this past training camp and Rhett sat out the season.

''He's had some interest from other teams,'' Matto said. ''But Errict is at a point where he wants to make his choice. He really wants to play with the Redskins. I'm just waiting to hear back from them.''

. . . What do first-time Pro Bowl linebackers drive? Whatever they want. And Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington wants to drive a Bentley. He showed up at Redskin Park today in a green Bentley, drawing raves from his teammates. One players' estimate of the car's worth: $350,000. But, for such a flamboyant player, the car was anything but showy. Just stylish. And costly.

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