Redskins Camp AudioBlog Day 3

Observations from camp 8-3: Robert Royal makes a play, Derrick Dockery shows some agility and Portis shows some power (but directed at the wrong guy).

Redskins Camp AudioBlog Day 3


Hot enough for you?

Another steamy day at Redskins Park

Taking it easy

Several players took the day off

Dealing with pressure

Line, tight ends, H-backs work on blitz pickups

Not that fast.

QB's overthrowing speedy WR's on deep routes

The short of the long of it.

Ramsey, Brunell having success with underneath routes

Fit for a king

Robert Royal goes deep

No, the guys in the other colored jerseys

Clinton Portis runs over Jon Jansen

Large but nimble

Derrick Dockery looking fit

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