Redskins Camp Day 3 Sights and Sounds

Clinton Portis did this last year, teasing fans and others about what to expect. Then the Redskins didn't always allow him to run that way. But he's dazzling again, reminding everyone why he cost so much for the Redskins to get. Many plays stand out, but some are plays only he makes.

Day 3, AM Practice

On one of those plays today, Portis started through the hole between right guard and right tackle. As he saw middle linebacker Clifton Smith get sucked into traffic, Portis bounced it wide and dashed off around right end for a long gain. It's a play that required patience, quickness and savvy rolled into one. And it's a play that reminds you of Portis' ability.

. . . Think Lemar Marshall isn't physical enough? On one pass rush, he knocked over Robert Royal en route to the quarterback.

. . . Every time safety Matt Bowen gets near a ballcarrier, he swings his around from behind the runner, trying to knock the ball free. No one else does this as often as Bowen. So file that away.

. . . QB Mark Brunell threw with more zip today, looking more accurate than in the first two days. He threw two nice strikes today, one dropped by Rock Cartwright and the other caught by Portis. Both were on seam routes. Brunell also made a nice pass to Brian Kozlowski in the back of the end zone.

. . . Tackle Jon Jansen scared coach Joe Bugel for a minute in practice. On one run, Portis lowered a shoulder into a defender, knocking him into Jansen who got knocked into a pile. It's a perfect way to get hurt and Jansen limped for a minute. But he's fine.

. . . Rookie Jason Campbell threw a perfect seam route to Robert Royal, a rope that he caught in a seven-on-seven drill. But Campbell's next pass sailed over the head of a running back.

. . . Taylor Jacobs did not practice because he had flu-like symptoms. Center Casey Rabach sat out because he was dehydrated.

Day 3, PM Practice

After making some nifty moves in the morning, running back Clinton Portis sat out tonight's practice. He has a sprained knee -- there was some swelling -- and Redskins coach Joe Gibbs said he wasn't sure when Portis would return.

But another member of the staff said it appeared Portis was merely ''playing his card.'' In other words, trading in a favor. We'll have a better idea tomorrow afternoon when the Redskins next practice.

. . . Newly-signed rookie corner Carlos Rogers ran off to the side as his new teammates practiced tonight, a workout closed to the public. Rogers had the boot removed from his right foot on Sunday and likely is a week or two away from full workouts.

. . .When asked if his parents said anything to him before he left, Rogers said they told him, ''Thank you.'' After all, he said, ''I bought them a house and furniture.''

. . . Quarterback Mark Brunell had his best day of practice since joining the Redskins. Brunell threw very well tonight and continues to put more zip on his passes. Actually, all three quarterbacks threw well -- Jason Campbell shows enough flashes to whet your appetite for more.

. . . Here's an admission: I love talking to David Patten. The guy oozes intensity and 10 minutes with the guy, probably less, is all it takes to realize how he's survived in the NFL. It's hard to imagine anyone has worked harder than Patten to reach, and stay, in the league. Not sure what his impact will be, but a guy like that can only help.

. . . Tight end Robert Royal gets knocked backward too frequently in pass protection.

. . . Guard Ray Brown twisted his knee, but it didn't appear to be anything serious.

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