Q&A with: Jacquez Green

New Redskins receiver Jacquez Green couldn't be happier. He's reunited with his college coach. And he's reunited with the system that made him a star in the first place. Here's what he has to say about being with Steve Spurrier and his offense.

Q: Does playing in this offense give you a chance to increase your numbers?

A: Yeah. I think I'm better than a 50-catch guy that I was in Tampa. It's a new start, a new chance. I have a renewed enthusiasm.

Q: What are your thoughts on going up against these DBs in practice?

A: That's another thing that brought me here. Over the years, since I left college, my man-to-man skills aren't as good as they were in college. I never went against man to man in practice. Now I have a chance to go against real good, fast quick corners, which makes it a lot easier on game day for me.

Q: Is there any reason this offense won't work here?

A: I would watch the Rams on TV the last three years and I'd be like, 'We ran that at Florida! So often I'd find myself saying that. I visited St. Louis and watched film there and I saw a lot of the plays we ran. It's a similar offense as far as trying to hit th receiver on the run and dictate to the defense. A lot of offeneses get caught up in that old cliche of, 'We'll take what the defense gives us. The Rams don't take what the defense gives them. They dictate to the defense and that's what Spurrier does.

Q: Is this a timing offense?

A: It's about timing and it builds on the receiver being in the open area of the field. You try to throw to an open area. If you're playing cover 2, you try to throw between the safeties or between the safety and the corner in the corners. If it's three deep, you throw seam routes. You just throw to the open area of the field, which is the smartest way to throw the ball down field.

Q: Were there times the last couple years where you'd think, 'We would have done this if Steve were coaching' ?

A: I would always try to go to my coach and get plays put in that we ran at Florida. A lot of teams played cover 2 against us in Tampa. We've got a play here that works 100 percent of the time against cover 2 and I would try to get that in. But I don't want to get into the Tampa thing. That's a whole other story.

Q: Does serving as a mentor to Rod Gardner add to your excitement of being here?

A: Rod has a lot of ability. I watched him last year and at Clemson. He's a good player and I'll try to help him learn the offense quicker. I've told him things that helped relate to what we're doing on the field. That's for Rod and Lockett. Lockett really fits what we do here as far as quickness and speed.

Q: Does that role of a mentor appeal to you?

A: Yeah. I'm still young, but there are a lot of older guys in the league who get caught up in guys trying to take their positions and there's a lot of jealousy. I've always been a guy who likes to see the next person do well and see the next person get a big contract.

Q: How strict is Steve with how he expects you to run things?

A: The offense is so much timing. If you're not in the spot you're supposed to be--and the offense reflects on him--then he's going to get the blame. He's a real hands-on guy, making sure the receivers are in the right depth and running routes the correct way. He's the wide receivers coach also.

Q: Does the visor get beat up when you don't run the right routes?

A: That usually happens when the quarterback makes a bad play. That's when the visor goes up in the air.

John Keim covers the Redskins for The Journal Newspapers and is a correspondent for Pro Football Weekly.

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