Gibbs Speaks to Fans: Sights and Sounds Day 5

Joe Gibbs addressed the crowd, but didn't say anything memorable, for them to go wild about. Until he was asked about Dallas.

As some in the crowd on Fan Appreciation Day started shouting to ''Beat Dallas!'' Gibbs said, ''It's a good thing there are no Dallas people here. They have the ugliest people in the world.''

To which the reaction was predictable. The crowd went nuts. Gibbs, of course, was kidding -- we think. But he also made clear that his focus is not just on the Cowboys but on Philadelphia and the Giants.

Which makes us wonder: are there fans any better looking?

. . . Unknown to us last season: punter Tom Tupa had to deal with some serious family issues with his wife near the end of 2004, as well as some health problems. Not quite sure yet the extent of those issues, but Gibbs said Tupa is now fine as is his wife. Hard to imagine having to deal with that and doing your job as well as you want. And it explains a drop in his performance late in the year.

. . . Linebacker LaVar Arrington continues to work out on the side and looks good doing it. Not sure how far away he is yet, but he's moving pretty well. He also seems in good spirits. Though he hasn't addressed the media yet, the guess is that he's waiting until his grievance is settled.

. . . Catch of the day: receiver Jamin Elliott made a leaping one-handed grab to catch a wounded duck from Patrick Ramsey about 30 yards downfield. The best part: he outbattled Shawn Springs and Sean Taylor to make the catch. After the catch one fan yelled, ''Hey 13, who the hell are you?!''

. . . QB Mark Brunell, who looks better this week than he did most, if not all, last summer, got one of his receivers crunched today. He led H-back Billy Baber right into a hit, something a veteran should try to avoid. As Baber grabbed the ball he turned and was immediately hit by linebacker Chris Clemons, jarring the ball free. Funny thing is, some fans shouted at Baber, but it wasn't really his fault.

. . . Former Redskins Jeff Bostic, Tom Carter and Ricky Ervins attended practice today.

. . . Corner Ade Jimoh has looked good the past two days. Hard to believe, but it's true. But we're still not sure if it's because he's improved or because of who he's covering -- Kevin Dyson, Darnerien McCants, etc. But give the kid credit because the coaches still like him.

. . . Another amazing catch came from Santana Moss, making a play few receivers could make. Moss ran a post route in the end zone, but corner Shawn Springs had it covered. Seeing that, Brunell floated the ball toward the corner. Moss, in full stride toward the middle, immediately turned and raced to the corner to catch the ball in the corner. I stress: very few could stop and turn that fast, then catch the ball.

. . . I wonder what's going to happen with Kevin Dyson. Good guy, but I haven't seen any explosiveness.

. . . It's often hard to tell just how good some players look in 11-on-11 drills, especially receivers. Too often the DBs and LBs lay off on the big hits, allowing guys to catch and run when in a real game they probably would have been scraped off the ground. Here's an example: once, Jason Campbell threw a nice pass to Dyson on the side. He made a nice catch, too. Here's the thing: Phillip Daniels had broken through the middle on a stunt and would have sacked Campbell before the throw.

. . . Campbell does enough to whet your appetite for more. Not sure yet if he'll succeed, but I can certainly see why the drafted him.

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