The Real Joe Gibbs--In His Own Words

Joe Gibbs' press conferences aren't boring, but most of us rarely get to hear the good parts, the vignettes and statements that reveal the philosphy of Gibbs the coach and reveal the makeup of Gibbs the man. In the first of an occasional series, meet Joe Gibbs.

Joe Gibbs holds an advanced degree in Coachspeak, displaying a world-class ability to speak to the press for extended periods of time without saying much of anything. He's certainly never going to have any classic moments captured like Jim Mora's "Playoffs. . .playoffs?" rant or a Bill Parcells blowup at a writer.

That doesn't mean, however, that his press conferences are boring. When he gets of the subject of the day to day operation of the team and goes into some of his philosophy of the game and when he speaks about non-football matters, Gibbs reveals some of his makeup and it makes for moments that make the wait to get to these segments of the presser worthwhile.

You don't often hear these vignettes or you maybe get a quick sound byte on the radio or quote in the paper. In this occasional series, we will bring you some of Gibbs' stories and other sound clips from his press conferences that give you a glimpse inside the Hall of Fame coach's thoughts and philosophies. These are from Tuesday's gathering with the press following the afternoon practice.

Speaking about the upcoming preseason game against the Panthers, Gibbs talks about players who do their best when the film is running, the lights are on and the stakes—mainly their jobs—are high. Audio

It's clear here that Gibbs doesn't like to overcoach. He says that he has no intention of trying to change Jason Campbell's throwing motion and explains why. Audio

Here Gibbs goes all the way back to his days as an assistant coach on Frank Broyles' staff at Arkansas to talk about his worst experience with a long snapper. Audio

With some wounded Iraq war veterans present at the practice, a reporter asked for Gibbs' thoughts about them. Audio

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