Camp Report 8.16.05--G. Williams Happy Where He Is

Gregg Williams spent all last season trying to convince people he wasn't eyeing another head coaching job. It sounds like he'll do the same thing again this year.

And it doesn't sound as if he misses being a head coach. Too much time away from what he likes to do, which is coach.

‘'I really enjoy coaching players every single day,'' he said. ‘'The off-the-field responsibilities are tiring and wearing process on you, physically and mentally. There's a learning curve there for any new head coach. I'll never get away from coaching again. Never. Ever. I've always asked myself three questions: What am I doing? Where is it at? Who is it with? It couldn't be better for me than here with the Redskins. I like what I'm doing, I like where I am, and I really like who I'm doing it with . . . I've got a lot of psychology in my degree, but not enough for that."

. . . Williams also said this about linebacker LaVar Arrington:

‘'Right now, he's in better condition this year than at any time last year, even before he was hurt, because he's on a mission. I'm anxious for him to have a healthy year. If he has a healthy year, he'll make plays for us.''

. . . Redskins center Cory Raymer flew to Colorado Monday night after his wife developed complications with her pregnancy. Coach Joe Gibbs said the last he heard was that Raymer's wife ‘'had improved'' by the time he landed.

. . . Safety Ryan Clark will miss at least a week with a sprained posterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. Clark will be re-evaluated at the end of the week

. . . Clark also can take solace in winning the second Fred ‘'Silky Johnson'' Smoot You're Nuthin Award, given in honor of their former teammate and to the defensive player who had a good week. Marcus Washington won the little trophy -- which has a football player carrying the ball -- last week. Apparently, whenever anyone tried to boast in the past, Smoot would say, ‘'You're nothin.''

. . . Clark also initiated everyone wearing small burgundy towels from their waist, with their nickname on it. Carlos Rogers has Cee Los on his while linebacker LaVar Arrington has Mind Hunter. Washington's says Carpe Diem.

. . . The deep passing game finally showed signs of life today, with Patrick Ramsey and Mark Brunell both connecting on long throws. The incompletions also were closer than they had been the first couple weeks. There's no doubt it takes a while to adjust to throwing to faster receivers.

. . . I'm still not convinced Ramsey will be the guy to lead this team anywhere. Until he stops looking jittery in the pocket, he can't lead this team.

. . . LaVar Arrington matched up twice against right tackle Jon Jansen during seven-on-seven drills. Arrington couldn't get around him the first time, but got wide the second time. From our vantage point (the play was about 60 yards in front of us) it was hard to tell if he was forced too wide to create pressure.

. . . The Redskins signed safety Eric Brown, a seven-year vet who has started 87 games in his career. But the Texans benched him midway through last season and he apparently is a special teams guy at this stage.

. . . End Renaldo Wynn continues to look solid, just as he did last year. Wynn doesn't make flashy plays, but he makes a bunch of little one's that add up. In practice today, Wynn stuffed a run, had a pressure and thwarted an end around by staying home. The man is a pro.

. . .Sometimes you just think: this defense works too hard to suffer a dropoff in play. And they deserve more than six wins.

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