Camp Report 08.17.05--Bowen Hurt, Prognosis Good

Matt Bowen fell to the ground and clutched his right knee, the same one that caused him to miss 11 games last season. The trainers quickly rushed over, worked on his knee on the field and then on the sidelines before taking him in. Fortunately for Bowen, the story has a happy ending. Or, at least, not a bad one.

Turns out Bowen simply suffered a mild MCL sprain of the knee and is listed as day-to-day. He left Redskins Park with his knee heavily wrapped -- but he did not need crutches.

. . . Another player with injury concerns is running back Clinton Portis, who sat out today with a sore elbow. He says he's fine and can play Friday, but coach Joe Gibbs said he's not certain if Portis will play.

‘'It's not too big a deal,'' Portis said. ‘'But it keeps agitating and worrying us. With a running back, he goes in there and ends up on his elbow and it gets aggravated. We'll just take a look at it and see how we go there.''

. . . Ray Brown had his own knee scare today, but he, too, turned out to be fine and didn't need to stop practicing.

. . . Linebacker LaVar Arrington did not get any work in the 11-on-11 drills. It seems as if the Redskins will ease him into the season as a third-down rusher considering that's where most of his work has come this week. But it's way too early to tell.

. . . Chris Samuels has had a very quiet camp, but a very good one. There's a difference watching Samuels block as opposed to the other linemen. He's more athletic and fluid and rarely needs any correcting from coach Joe Bugel. Samuels looks to be his old self, coming off a good season.

. . . The Redskins cut Eric Brown, the guy they signed yesterday. Seems he was a bit out of shape. They signed Siddeeq Shabazz instead. He's played in 25 games the past two years, mostly on special teams. He played four games with Oakland in 2003 and 21 with Atlanta (six in ‘03 and 15 in ‘04).

. . . An old point, but a good one: I love watching the defensive line work. If I could write the definition of what it means to be a pro, I'd start with the guys the Redskins have up front, notably Cornelius Griffin, Brandon Noble, Joe Salave'a and Phillip Daniels. They set a heck of a tone for the rest of the unit. In one-on-one drills with the OL, after each defensive lineman is done with his rush he SPRINTS back to the other side of the ball. It's no wonder this group seemingly overachieves. Personally, I just think they get every ounce of talent out of them.

. . . Randy Thomas also has had a good camp. Did a nice job against Griffin today, showing good explosiveness.

. . . Derrick Dockery still gets off-balance because he's not as technically sound as the other linemen.

. . . Joe Bugel to OT Jon Alston, going against Charles Howard, ‘'Don't F-in turn him! You had him!'' Buges hasn't lost it.

. . . Patrick Ramsey didn't have his best touch today, missing on three straight throws in one 11-on-11 session. Wonder how he'll be received Friday if he doesn't have a good showing. It's probably a good thing he's facing the Bengals at home. Their defense is not as good as the other three preseason opponents, giving Ramsey a better chance to play well.

. . . Ramsey did throw better in the red zone drills, hitting David Patten in the back of the end zone for one score.

. . . Receiver Kevin Dyson continues to look better and better each day. He made a nice twisting catch in double coverage today, a complete veteran move.

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