Wanted: One Guard

The Redskins have one more spot to fill along the line. That much is known. But what isn't known is how they will fill it--with a draft pick or free agent?

They considered signing free agent guard Bob Hallen of Atlanta, but don't appear to be strong suitors, according to his agent, Clifford Brady.

And there are strong indications that they're targeting Nebraska guard Toniu Fonoti with Auburn's Kendall Simmons another possibility.

Regardless, the Redskins want to add someone in the next month. And they don't want to entrust the position to either Ross Tucker or Alex Sulfsted. Both players intrigue the Redskins.

But one club official said, ''You don't want to get too enthusiastic about them and talk yourself out of someone else. There's a long time before we have to make any decision.''

As for Hallen, it doesn't appear he'll sign with Washington. Not based on their initial offer of a one-year contract for the minimum salary. His agent wanted a deal similar to those received by Larry Moore and Rod Jones, each of whom signed a three-year deal for approximately $4.5 million.

''If [the Redskins] could get Bob for free, they would,'' Brady told The Journal Newspapers. ''If they came up with a better offer we would consider it in a second. That would be a great situation for Bob.''

That's because Hallen, a second-round pick out of Kent State in 1998, would enter camp as the starter. But, for now, that spot is open. And no one knows who it eventually will go to.

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