Arrington, Redskins Settle Dispute

Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington finally got what he wanted -- sort of. After months of dispute, and after more than a month of talks, Arrington and the Redskins finally settled their disagreement regarding a $6.5 million bonus. The deal is expected to be signed tonight, according to a source familiar with the negotiations.

They basically split the difference and Arrington now will receive a $3.25 million incentive, based on his making the Pro Bowl twice in the next four seasons. The incentives would kick in starting after the 2007 season, when, if he's already made the Pro Bowl twice, he could void the rest of his contract. Or the Redskins would simply pay him the $3.25 million and keep him. Another $1.6 million incentive was included. But another source said this was done mostly to provide cap help and was unlikely to be attained.

Arrington had contended that Washington failed to include an agreed-upon $6.5 million bonus in a contract he signed in December of 2003. An arbitrator was to rule last month on a grievance filed by Arrington, but the linebacker cancelled the meeting. He wanted to resolve this face-to-face, so he first spoke with coach Joe Gibbs.

Sources say Gibbs remained instrumental in making sure the deal was completed, even meeting with Arrington's lawyers in his office on one occasion. Both Gibbs and Arrington wanted this done so the focus could return completely to football. And, though some relationships might have been strained because of this, the deal gives Arrington a chance to remain in Washington. Arrington has a fierce passion for playing in Washington, something that's evident in talking to him privately.

Arrington will play in Friday's preseason game against Pittsburgh on Friday, his first preseason appearance. Arrington is coming off two surgeries on his right knee.

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