Harrington Would Be Exctiting

The Redskins have had several nice drafts in recent history with selections like Chris Samuels, Champ Bailey, Jon Jansen, and Fred Smoot among the best. Joey Harrington could join this group, especially in a system designed and mentored by Steve Spurrier.

University of Oregon quarterback Joey Harrington would be the best thing that could happen to the Washington Redskins, even if they managed to wrangle Shane Matthews out of Chicago.

But it's highly unlikely that Harrington would last till the Redskins select at the 18th spot. So would the Redskins make a deal to secure a position in the draft? To do so, I think the Redskins have to move into a top 5 pick and that's because Dallas picks at 6 and Dallas doesn't have anything that even closely resembles a quarterback.

The Carolina Panthers, Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills and San Diego Chargers are the top four behind the Houston Texans who almost certainly are taking David Carr. The big question would be if Washington's new head coach, Steve Spurrier, believes in Harrington and endorses him because it's already apparent that the Redskins owner, Dan Snyder, is not afraid to make things happen whatever the cost.

For the Redskins to be competitive, they have to find consistency at the most critical element in Spurrier's offense and by that I don't mean consistently bad as was the case last year and all the years since Joe Gibbs paced the sidelines. It should be a fact for Redskins fans by now that a bad player doesn't become a great player the second they adorn the burgundy and gold.

But there's also a rather bad taste still lingering in the fans mouths left from the selection of Heath Shuler. All I have to say to that is that there's a lot of teams that would have selected the Tennessee standout with their first selection too. Draft picks are always a gamble and with Shuler the Redskins came up empty.

The Redskins are in a very nice position to draft Harrington and open the quarterback competition wide open with Sage Rosenfels, Danny Wuerffel, Dameyune Craig and Shane Matthews fighting for their lives. The Redskins can only win in this scenario providing that the competition is open and decided conclusively.

The fine art of developing a young quarterback seems to be lost in today's NFL. Spurrier might just reinvent that art. What do the Redskins have in places that are key elements in this art form?

A strong running game: Stephen Davis is by no means a slouch at carrying the rock.. Ki-Jana Carter, Dorsey Levens or Ricky Watters are all nice possibilities as backups.

A good offensive line: The Redskins are making progress towards a very good line with the additions of Larry Moore and Rod Jones to a line that already features Chris Samuels and Jon Jansen.

A Good hands crew: This bunch is unknown but coach Steve Spurrier says it is the best group of unknowns in the NFL. We'll see.

A good offensive scheme: Spurrier has the offense and he'll keep things wide open and what quarterback wouldn't jump at this opportunity. Spurrier didn't even script his plays at early camp opting to keep them a secret and call them on the fly during practice. I like this move since it makes the players think and react to the moment.

Quote to note: Quarterback Danny Wuerffel - "Most coaches have a script already for training camp, but he's calling things off the top of his head. He has a sheet to make sure he covers what he wants to cover and he's just competing on every play."

All said and done, the Washington Redskins have yet again made things very interesting in the off-season. Should they go for a much-needed need at quarterback or should they go for other needs? Take it to the message boards.

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