Quick Hits: Five Things To Look For

Our quick hits on what to look for in tonight's Redskins-Ravens game.

1. How Patrick Ramsey handles the blitz. Not just Ramsey, but the entire offense -- will they pick it up better than in the scrimmage? Chances are they will. When teams blitz in a scrimmage, it's often successful because most teams haven't prepared for such tactics. But I'm curious to see if Ramsey stands in the pocket better than when he was under pressure in the scrimmage and first two preseason games. We'll learn a lot if he stays relaxed.

2. How LaVar Arrington progresses. He's still getting his ''groove'' back as Dale Lindsey says. But it would be nice to see him make a play or two tonight. His presence is definitely felt on the field, much more so than Warrick Holdman.

3. How the punters fare. Andy Groom needs another strong night, giving him three in a row. At that point, he'd be hard to cut. But we also haven't seen him do anything other than kick high and straight.

4. How the rookies fare. Especially H-back Manuel White and linebacker Robert McCune. White hasn't shown a reason why he should be anything other than a practice squad player. McCune is fast and strong, but remains a project. He could make it based on special teams.

5. The competition in the secondary. Particularly between Rufus Brown and Garnell Wilds at corner. Ade Jimoh is too good on special teams to cut. But Brown and Wilds appear locked in a battle for a potential spot. Heck, both might be cut anyway.

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