Skins Notes: Gibbs in Mid-Season Form

Redskins Park 09.07.05--Joe Gibbs' worry instict was going full throttle as the Redskins prepared for Sunday's season opener against Chicago.

. . . Redskins coach Joe Gibbs was definitely in regular-season mode today, looking as uptight as ever as the season opener approaches.

‘'If we went to the Super bowl last year you're probably more relaxed than I am,'' he said. ‘'We struggled last year, we all know that. We know how important the first game is. So you have all those concerns and apprehensions.''

But, as we reminded Gibbs, he probably wasn't too relaxed coming off his three Super Bowl victories. And those who were in the press corps then -- there are a couple -- say he was never relaxed before the opener.

‘'I probably would have found another reason to get uptight about something,'' he said.

. . . Safety Ryan Clark did not practice and is listed as doubtful. He said he'd be ready to play Sunday, or at least healthy enough to go. That doesn't mean he will.

‘'Without proper practice and preparation I don't know how much good I'll do the team,'' Clark said. ‘'It's whatever the coach decides.''

. . . Linebacker Chris Clemons is listed as doubtful because of a hamstring injury.

. . . Also on the Redskins' injury list: receiver Taylor Jacobs (toe), is questionable; tackle Jon Jansen (thumb) and defensive tackle Brandon Noble (knee) are probable. For Chicago, corner Jerry Azumah (hip) is probable.

. . . Gibbs told Chicago reporters in a conference call that Warrick Holdman will start at weakside linebacker ahead of LaVar Arrington. But linebackers coach Dale Lindsey didn't sound all that impressed with Holdman.

‘'He's done all right,'' Lindsey said. ‘'He's not as good as he has been and not as good as he can be. It's his familiarity with the system and doing things technique-wise that he hasn't done before. I have to break him of old habits.''

. . . Punter Andy Groom did not look good in practice, struggling with hang time and booting too many low line drivers. He got off a good one every so often, but it was his worst showing in some time.

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