Skins Notes: Arrington and Taylor Ver. 2.0?

Redskins Park, Ashburn, VA 09.08.05--Two key Redskins defensive players seemed to have turned over a new leaf, but their boss seems to be as ornery as ever.

. . . Safety Sean Taylor had his trial postponed until Oct. 24 -- but they'll likely file for another continuance before that date. Chances are, it'll still occur after the season. Taylor does appear to be changed. Even in his dealings with the press, he's been more cordial, smiles more. And when he declines an interview, he does so with more tact and politely.

. . . Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams on Chicago running back Thomas Jones: ''He ran as physical as any back ran against us last year.''

. . . Williams likes safety Pierson Prioleau. It's a good thing because he might end up starting opposite Sean Taylor Sunday. Though nobody likes to talk about such things, Prioleau has gotten more work in at that position than anyone but Taylor. So it's obvious that he might get the first call.

. . . Williams loves reminding everyone how much he knows and how little everyone else knows. The little joke is: the second G in his first name stands for genius. Did it again today when it came to the number of packages they use. He told us today that they now use 21. When asked how much more they could add, Williams went into lecture mode, talking about how football is really simple and how anyone who knows football would know that, and that it's not about schemes. This from a guy who loves telling everyone how many packages they use. And he loves talking about how they can confuse other teams with their looks. There's no doubt he's an excellent coach; there's also no doubt he's not exactly humble.

That said, I love listening to him talk because you do learn things about players and the game.

. . . Safety Ryan Clark did not practice again today.

. . . Linebacker LaVar Arrington has gotten a lot of ink this week about how he's a changed person. He's maturing and it's nice to see because Arrington is a genuinely nice guy. But what should please Redskins fans most is that he's matured when it comes to film study. Now that he's married with a kid on the way he said he stays home more and watches film, rather than hitting the clubs. He's more serious about his craft. That can only lead to good things.

. . . Warrick Holdman is expected to start, but Williams said Arrington will be able to play a lot.

. . . Redskins coaches like what they've seen of Kyle Orton on film. Williams calls him very calm and composed in the pocket. He won't be scared by his surroundings Sunday. That doesn't mean he'll play well.

. . . Does anyone really believe Jack Burns is the primary play caller? As one Redskin told me today, ''Let's just say that the game has passed him by.'' Burns might suggest plays, but Joe Gibbs loves to control things and his handprints will be all over the playcalls.

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