Brunell: It's Time to Get Things Going

Mark Brunell wasn't surprised that he was named the starter. He sensed that during the game this past week. When Patrick Ramsey didn't re-enter after being cleared by the doctors, Brunell knew the job was his.

Now he's anxious to redeem himself after last season's disastrous showing. It wasn't all Brunell's fault last season; the line play wasn't good nor was the playcalling. But he didn't help and many wondered if his career should end. But give Brunell credit: he handled the criticism well, never ducking hard questions and always displaying class. It's the same way Ramsey has handled it in front of the press, too. Both are good guys.

''Last year was real difficult,'' Brunell said. ''To get another opportunity to get back in there is big but it's time to get things going. We're an entirely different team. We need to produce on offense and score some points.

"Hopefully at some point we can stop talking about last year, but that only comes with a few wins and doing some things on offense. Until then I'm stuck talking about it. . . . That kind of criticism will continue until we turn this thing around here."

. . . From what we've heard, Ramsey got upset during the meeting with Joe Gibbs but did not demand a trade -- even Jon Jansen told us that, after talking with Ramsey Monday night. But Jansen wasn't alone in saying that; so, too, did other sources close to Ramsey.

But it's safe to say Ramsey has never felt support within the organization from the time he arrived. There's little doubt he'll be elsewhere next season.

But one league executive said there probably wouldn't be much demand for him in the trade market and anything the Redskins receive in return will be minimal: ''It's the accuracy, the indecision. Those two things keep showing up -- and his production.''

. . .Kicker John Hall is holding out hope for being ready to play Monday.

''I based my whole offseason on this game so it's important for me to play,'' he said. Hall said this for three reasons: it's the Cowboys; it's Monday night and it's Bill Parcells, the guy who gave him a chance to play in the NFL.

. . . The Redskins worked out four kickers today, but have not yet contacted Jeff Chandler, said one player who spoke with Chandler. But there's a good reason for that: they know what Chandler can do. And they wanted to work out the other four, none of whom have kicked in the NFL, to see what else might be available.

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