Behind Enemy Lines--Q&A With Drew Bledsoe

Dallas quarterback Drew Bledsoe knows the challenges of facing a Gregg Williams' defense, which is why he knows Monday night will be a difficult challenge. He also answers the question: has Bill Parcells mellowed?

Q: What do you think of Gregg Williams?
A: Let me start off by saying I have a tremendous amount of respect for Gregg. You learn more about a guy when things start going bad than when they're good. The best compliment I can pay him is that when things turned south for us, he was steadfast and strong and remained a great leader for our team. He's an outstanding coach. He'll get another shot at it in a situation that's more conducive to success. When he got to Buffalo, they had 17 million in dead cap money. Just as it looked like they were turning it around, they moved to another guy.

Q: What about facing his defense?
A: Oh, man. Facing Gregg's defense was never a treat in practice in Buffalo. Facing him for real Monday night won't be a treat either. They had a great year last year and picked up where they left off. They do a lot of different things, a lot of different blitzes that you have to be ready for.

Q: Like what?
A: One of the things Gregg teaches better than anyone else in the league is, his guys disguise blitzes better than just about anyone in the league. They disguise it to the last second. It makes it very difficult.

Q: But haven't you seen everything in your career?
A: They only have 11 people over there; you can't bring more than that. At the same time with Gregg he always seems to do something different from the norm, something you hadn't seen before and he's doing that a little this year. They'll bring their corners up on both sides and blitz and still play zone, stuff you're not supposed to be able to do but he makes it sound.

Q: Has Parcells mellowed?
A: I don't think so. He's still the same guy. He doesn't let anything slide on the practice field. If there's something he doesn't like, he'll address it right away. He may have mellowed a little bit but relative to where he was at in the past he could mellow a lot and still be a hard ass.

Q: Can you imagine what he must have been like last year at 6-10?
A: In this league if you're not winning it's miserable, no matter where you are and who your with. He can be more a pain when you're winning than when you're losing because when you're winning he's trying to make sure no one gets too full of themselves.

Q: Has he been giving you grief since Sunday?
A: He throws remarks in there all the time, asking if I'm a one-week wonder or if I have anything left in me. It's constant noise. I learned a long time ago to filter out all the noise and take out the good info without being distracted.

Q: Between Parcells and Keyshawn Johnson, that's a lot of noise, isn't it?
A: I can tune both of them out. I'm able to tune out Keyshawn as well as Bill. The thing with Keyshawn is, it's all noise. There is very little information in there.


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