Emotional response

LaVar Arrington, who barely played and probably sat on the bench frustrated most of the game, reacted like the happiest man on the planet. He stomped on the blue star in the middle of the field, banging his helmet right on it as if to prove a point.

Chris Samuels sat at his locker, stared into space and repeated, "Thank you, Jesus; thank you, Jesus." Joe Gibbs, he of the three Super Bowl trophies, jumped around like a schoolkid who had just hit the game-winning homer. Players doused him with water.

Matt Bowen called it one of his best moments in sports, if not the best. And owner Dan Snyder showed his four-inch vertical leap in the owner's box; he's still probably jumping today. Who can blame him' It's amazing what four minutes can do for a team. And after this win, the Redskins reacted as if they'd won a championship.

"I kind of rubbed it the Cowboys fans' faces at the end of the game," Samuels said. "I talked a little trash in the end zone."

Jansen, whose seven straight seasons in Washington are the most for any active Redskin, will treasure this one for a long time.

"I'll remember Santana running into the end zone like I remember [fullback] Larry Centers running wide open into the zone against San Francisco out there [to win the NFC East title in 1999]," Jansen said.

David Patten compared it to wins he experienced with New England, before its Super Bowl run.

"They thought they had the game won," he said. "We kept fighting."

The locker room was a joyous, giddy place. Coaches huddled in corners, with huge smiles and grabbing each other's arms and patting one another's backs. They could have lingered there all night had not a bus and plane been waiting.

"It's the kind of game you dream about as a kid," Shawn Springs said. "It's a big win for D.C."

Then there's Gibbs. He's won many, many big games in the past. But they're all in the past. He's endured criticism for a stagnant offense and he had an emotional week following the quarterback change.

"This was one of the greatest moments in sports for me," he said. "The end just took my breath away. There was complete pandemonium on the sideline.

"I've never been prouder."

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