Trotter visits Redskins

The Redskins have needs other than middle linebacker. But they also like the one middle linebacker who is available: Jeremiah Trotter. And he likes the Redskins. Will that make for a match? Who knows. But here is what Trotter had to say after his visit at Redskin Park this morning.

Q: How did the visit go?

A: It went good. I'm still here for a little bit, but it's going great. They have great coaches, I met the owner last night. He's a great guy. It's going really good.

Q: What other visits do you have set up?

A: I have to go to Green Bay on Wednesday and that's it as far as I know.

Q: Where does this stack up with other teams you're considering?

A: Good, good. Washington already has a good team right now. They have the new coach here and I know he'll do his thing. I heard he's an offensive genius. They've got great players on defense. It's going to be a great situation for me.

Q: How much would it mean to play for Marvin Lewis and with that linebacking corps?

A: A lot, man. It would mean a lot. We would have the best linebacking corps in the league so it's definitely a good opportunity and I'm excited about it. I hope we can get something done.

Q: When would you like to have something done?

A: Well, I'm not sure. I'm just leaving that up to my agent to work that out and I'm just taking my visits and we'll continue to go from there.

Q: Besides money, what are you looking for in an organization?

A: A place where I feel comfortable and come in and help the team out. They have a great staff here. They're laid back, they love to have fun and they love the game. It's like me: I love to have fun. I love the sport. I have a passion for the game. That's something I look for in coaches. And then, too, the players around you. They have great players here already.

Q: Would it mean something to play the Eagles twice?

A: Definitely, definitely. You can't beat that.

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