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The Redskins' interest in linebacker Jeremiah Trotter is real. Very real. But that doesn't mean the Redskins will sign him. Unless . . .

They can redo the contract of running back Stephen Davis, whose salary cap figure is approximately $10 million next season. Obviously his deal needs to be reworked. But here's the problem: it could take a long time to hammer out an agreement.

Remember, Redskins vice president of football operations Joe Mendes and Steve Weinberg, who is Davis' agent, don't have the best relationship. When Davis received a new deal two years ago, Mendes and Weinberg had problems. Eventually, Mendes handed off the deal to someone else in the organization.

And now they're supposed to work out a deal quickly? This is one case where owner Dan Snyder will have to step in and work something out fast, if he wants Trotter.

We also hear the Redskins have narrowed their wish list in the first round. It now appears the Redskins will draft a defensive tackle--if one of the top four are available. From what we hear, they'd be happy with any of the top four rated tackles (North Carolina's Ryan Sims, Tennessee's Albert Haynesworth and John Henderson and Wisconsin's Wendell Bryant). We're not completely certain where they rank Notre Dame's Anthony Weaver.

It also sounds as if Tulane quarterback Patrick Ramsey isn't an option, at least not with the 18th pick. However, things change fast when it comes to the draft--and if Snyder wants a so-called sexy pick, he might nix the drafting of a defensive tackle or a guard. And no one truly knows what the Redskins will do. But if they had their druthers, they'd pick a tackle, filling an area of great need.

If they do draft a tackle and sign Trotter, the Redskins defensive interior would be in excellent shape.

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