Hall Anxious to Return

John Hall is tired of seeing another kicker on the Redskins' roster. So, too, are the coaches.

But when that will change remains a mystery, even after Hall kicked field goals this morning.

‘'It's important to get him back as quick as we can,'' Redskins coach Joe Gibbs said. ‘'But those things take a while. He has to be in a position where he's kicking 100 percent and he's doing it for a couple of weeks before it would be fair to the team to put him back out there.''

In other words, it could be another week or two before Hall returns. There's still a chance he'll play against Seattle this week. But he needs to prove he can stay healthy for a whole game. Which means he might have to prove himself next week, leaving Washington with rookie Nick Novak to handle field goals and extra points.

Hall attempted a dozen field goals this morning, though none from longer than 30 yards, and said he felt good. But he knows it'll take more than one morning to convince the coaches to activate him.

‘'There's only so many roster spots,'' Hall said. ‘'The team needs to fill them with guys who can help. Me being injured, that's not helping out. So there's pressure to get back. I just want to play.''

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